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Here at CSI we guarantee:


-To deliver value with every interaction.


-Access to a team of casting experts ready to help you in every stage. 


-To educate and empower you to all your options via project collaboration.



-To troubleshoot your existing product(s) in the presence of quality, delivery or price challenges.


-The value of program history. Program management is an integral part of our ‘Total Value Solution'. Understanding part and program histories can often be as critical to long term success as a fast accurate launch. 


Make CSI's team of casting experts your casting experts.



CSI began 50 years ago as a one man agency with manufacturing knowledge and customer care paramount.

Those drivers haven’t changed but our focus has.

Our focus moved from an agency dedicated to all things manufacturing to an agency dedicated to castings/powdered metal(PM).

Why the shift?


Industry was eliminating or not replacing their in house casting experts leaving a great void. We as a team repeatedly saw this and collectively decided we were going “all in” on castings/PM, that was 20+ years ago…..time flies! We now employ 150+ years of cast/PM knowledge within CSI.

Educating and empowering you to all your options via project collaboration.



What's our specialty?